The Creation

Kindred Souls Healing Festival is a tribute to the Human Experience Project. We are souls (divine beings) living a human experience. Unfortunately, many people have forgotten who they really are and our gifts are not realized. A gathering of like-minded beings and those who are curious and want to advance to the next level of consciousness is one purpose of this festival.

Kindred Souls is a healing festival with a focus on healing through music (vibrations), art (visual aesthetics), interactive workshops (participation & creation) and vendors from crystal healing to vegan food (taste).

The festival creator (Simone) started playing with “record players” in the 70s as a small child and began to spin professionally in the 80s using vinyl and Technics. She is one of the first out of five female club DJs on the planet and the first lady of Las Vegas. Not only is she a pioneer of the Las Vegas music scene, but a pioneer of the underground scene who shared house, techno, and trance in clubs where pop, hip-hop, and R&B were the norm.

In 1998, she opened a delivery service and thought that delivering from regular restaurants was not enough. She decided to cater to customers by offering Nevada fast food pick up, DMV services and anything at all as long as it was legal. She has a great entrepreneurial mind; however, this was not the line of work that made her happy.

Simone is also a writer, researcher, and spiritual coach. She holds an associate’s in business, a bachelor’s in criminal justice, a master’s in education with a concentration in instruction and curriculum and on a long sabbatical from a Doctoral program in Human Behaviour. She also holds a certification for spiritual coaching.

Simone was using the alias of The Philosopher in the online community and then Ms. Philosopher for the last 20 years, so since about 1999. Since 1999, she has been buying domains and creating websites and wrote a few eBooks a few years ago. She was trying to get out in any way possible that we live a reality created by others. That children spend their days in school to learn things that are not only mostly untrue or exaggerated but unnecessary in life. Welcome to the indoctrination into the matrix and the slave nation. Therefore; another goal of the festival is to teach people of all ages the potential that lies within.

Not only was Simone preaching this online, but her thesis was focused on social justice as well. Her dissertation will be strongly focused on the indoctrination into the matrix from birth and the loss of our authentic selves. People are tricked into being religious rather than spiritual. Religion is confining while spirituality is freeing.

It is the goal of the festival creator to raise Earth’s vibration by raising the vibration of all attendees through music, art and interactive workshops and to bring culture to this new festival with different regional music collectives, vendors and practitioners. Artists are attending from many regions as are vendors. This festival was created through the heart space, not with a wad of cash because the festival’s creator in her way wants to ensure that there is a great focus on healing alternatives and a greater appreciation for all art for the purpose of creation, especially for children. There is a fundraiser in place and sponsors are needed to aid in the gathering of art supplies and other items for all ages in order for attendees to use their creative gifts. As students and employees are in constant touch with their logical brain, it is important that we all use our creative brain for balance.

The goals are as follows: (1) That sponsors, the fundraiser and ticket sales will aid in elevating the initial thought of creating Kindred Souls first-time well-needed healing festival to its highest potential, (2) This will become a yearly festival dependent on itself, rather than having to rent equipment and other things after the first year because sponsors, the fundraiser, donations and ticket sales will allow the festival to purchase things needed specifically for a (3) bi-yearly festival, (4) four campouts per year and (5) ongoing weekly spiritual/creative sessions and interactive workshops for people of all ages.

Donations are for the following all-age workshops:

Interactive workshop for flow arts (dancing, hula-hoop and so forth)

Interactive workshop for communicating with higher self

Interactive workshop for shadow work information

Interactive workshop for creating art for all ages

Two interactive workshops for creating music

Interactive workshop for Chakra education

Interactive workshop for beading jewelry

Plus more

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Interactive Workshops
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